David Bolton's "English for Spanish speakers":
"104 Common Mistakes - and How to avoid them"

Are you a native speaker of Spanish, and are you tired of making the same mistakes over and over again when you speak English?

Or perhaps you teach English to native Spanish speakers, and would like to help your students take their English to the next level?

If so, you won�t want to miss this unique PDF E-Guide with accompanying mp3 audio files!

Improve your English: eliminate your mistakes!

Learn English
Over the years, I have seen that Spanish people learning English always tend to make the same mistakes.

They say, for example: "He said me that I should go." (instead of "He told me that I should go.�, or simply "He said that I should go.").The problem, of course, is that they translate directly from Spanish to English, which often leads to ridiculous errors.

In this E-Guide plus Audio package, you will learn what these common errors are, why you make them, and above all, how you can avoid them.

I'll tell you how to correctly say what you want, giving you many examples along the way.

Based on twenty years experience teaching English to native
Spanish speakers, this powerful package is virtually one of a kind!

You will receive the complete book in two formats:

1) As a PDF E-Guide. Color-coding is used to easily distinguish between correct sentences, incorrect sentences, and the Spanish language translations. For instance...

�Quiero estar contigo� The original sentence in Spanish

�I want to stay with you� The incorrect English translation

�I want to be with you� The correct English translation.

But let�s have a look at one complete example of a mistake commonly made by Spanish speakers, together with a full explanation...

*** Sample taken from �104 Common Mistakes � and how to avoid them! ***

23) "El tiene poco dinero." "He has few money." WRONG!

Correct: "He has little money." or more commonly: "He doesn't have much money."

"Few" or "a few" are used for countable things: "a few dollars", "few friends." If it is something not countable, you must use "little" or "a little"


"We have little faith." "Tenemos poca fe." More common: "We don't have much faith."

"We have a little milk." "Tenemos un poco de leche."

"They have a little money." "Ellos tienen un poco dinero."

"She has little common sense." "Ella tiene poco sentido com�n."

More common: "She doesn�t have much common sense."

"Little" is not as commonly used as "a little." Instead of saying, for instance:

"You have little Fanta.", we usually say: "You don't have much Fanta." However, "a little" is very common: "Would you like a little Fanta?"   "�Quieres un poco de Fanta?"

*** End of Sample ***

2) You will also receive the complete, 64-page E-Guide in mp3 audio format! All you have to do is load the files into your mp3 player, and then listen while walking, jogging, shopping, waiting in lines, cooking or cleaning at home, or just relaxing. This way, you can gradually eliminate all those embarrassing mistakes you make when speaking English, without losing any time at all!

Note: Except for sample sentences, the written/spoken text is all in English, so that you will be able to practice your reading and listening skills, in addition to eliminating the most common mistakes you make. In the audio files, I speak slowly and clearly, so anyone who has an intermediate level of English will be able to understand me without any problems. And since the complete text is also in the PDF book, you can follow the text while listening, if you wish.

If you are a native Spanish speaker, and you want to finally bring your English to the next level, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this offer!

And the price? Only $19 U.S. total, for both E-Guide and audio files.

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David Bolton

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